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  • BrandPost: Uniserver: Creating a Forward-Looking Lifestyle for Holland’s Businesses February 26, 2020
    When Marc Roeleveld, Cloud Architect at Uniserver, describes the company’s booming cloud business, it’s clear that everything is done with a keen focus on the needs of the managed service providers (MSPs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) the company serves.“We are 100% focused on the channel,” he says. “Our customers rely on the high-quality cloud […]
  • How to future-proof your IT career in the age of AI February 26, 2020
    Worried that artificial intelligence will eliminate tech jobs -- your job specifically? Here’s what you should and shouldn’t focus on in a world of AI.
  • What is design thinking? An agile method for innovation February 26, 2020
    Design thinking definition Design thinking is an agile, iterative process for approaching design and innovation that centers on users’ desires and needs, and enables your company to pivot as the industry changes and technology evolves. Design thinking acknowledges that there isn’t one way to solve a problem. As such, the design thinking methodology encourages questioning, […]
  • 7 tips for vetting the business value of emerging tech February 26, 2020
    There's no shortage of promising new technologies. The challenge lies in pinpointing the specific tools that have the potential to bring real value to your organization by lowering costs, improving efficiency, providing deeper insights or opening the door to new business opportunities.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: Why Humanizing Digital Customer Systems is Critical to Creating Loyal Customers February 25, 2020
    As the primary mode of customer interaction changes from human-to-human contact to interaction between humans and digital systems, there has been a corresponding rise in customer discontent driven by a feeling of dehumanization. It started with customers frustrated by inbound call routing deployments (“Why can’t I just talk to a human being?”) and increased as […]
  • BrandPost: Find business insights in your information February 25, 2020
    Technology. Information. Disruption. The world is moving faster than ever, creating more information than ever before but less than it ever will in the future. We operate in a world defined by Industry 4.0, and the rules have changed.Industry 3.0 was the era of the process advantage, using technology to smooth workflows, accelerate decisions and […]
  • BrandPost: Bringing back trust in an era of constant threats February 25, 2020
    Our digital footprints grow larger every day. Generated from a multitude of places, such as social media, IoT, wearables, phones and more, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day. As more and more information goes digital and technology advances, cybercrime also rises with the number of reported breaches up 54% from 2018 to 2019. […]
  • Top 10 Smart Cities in ASEAN February 25, 2020
    Our list of the top 10 smart cities in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
  • BrandPost: Navigating the Complex Supply Chain Management Landscape February 25, 2020
    Supply chain management (SCM) has become an increasingly strategic operation for many companies, often serving as a significant competitive differentiator. We spoke with Eric Wilson, General Manager of Supply Chain Solutions at GEP, about today’s key SCM trends and opportunities.Q. How has the supply chain changed, and what challenges have arisen?A. In the past, the […]
  • Organizing around the value stream February 25, 2020
    Finding flow Flow. That feeling you get when working on something or doing an activity when time seems to fly by, and the work is happening. Everyone wants to achieve it. We achieve productivity not because it’s effortless, but because all our systems are working in concert with one another. But flow is not just […]