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  • Microsoft Ignite showcases first Project Cortex AI tool for SharePoint September 22, 2020
    Microsoft previewed Project Cortex, a suite of cloud-based AI-powered services designed to understand content and help users automate processes with it, at its Ignite developer conference in Orlando last year.The first of those services to go on sale, SharePoint Syntex, will be revealed at this year’s Ignite, a virtual event taking place in your browser […]
  • BrandPost: ICT Accelerate Industry Digital Transformation in New Normal September 22, 2020
    Our digital futures will be founded on connectivity, data, and intelligence. These three sides of the triangle ultimately capture our new intelligent world with everything connected, everything generating data, and everything being processed in ways to create actionable outcomes for improving our interactions with colleagues, customers, family, and friends.Underpinning this is 5G, cloud, and AI, which […]
  • BrandPost: Collaboration innovation: Connecting the workforce through VR September 22, 2020
    Videoconferencing has long been a punchline for countless memes, videos and comedy sketches, which mock the medium’s low-quality video, laggy audio, and end-user etiquette breaches. And that was before a global pandemic forced entirely new waves of workers to learn to use videoconferencing to stay connected with their colleagues.Now, however, a new set of 3D […]
  • Cloud software helps ASU lean into hybrid learning September 22, 2020
    No IT leadership job is quite like leading IT at a major university, which must accommodate the technology needs of thousands of new students each fall. The cornonavirus pandemic has compounded the challenges for this fall semester, as collegiate IT departments must support students who elect to attend classes physically and those who choose to […]
  • AI gives IT an edge in improving customer experience September 22, 2020
    Even prior to the pandemic, improving customer experience was becoming a major priority for IT. COVID-19 and the resulting shift in business models have only accelerated that strategic directive.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Tech Resume Library: 19 downloadable templates for IT pros September 21, 2020
    A well-crafted resume will attract recruiters, HR pros and hiring managers, but getting it just right is a daunting task. To jump start the process, Insider Pro has assembled this collection of real resumes revamped by professional resume writers. (Watch this space for new templates.)
  • AI-first or nothing September 21, 2020
    If an operating model defines how an organization positions people, process, and technology to deliver customer value, then companies with an AI-first operating model are those that prioritize the use of AI to weave more intelligence and automation into the firm’s products, processes, and experiences.Data gathered from 100+ global CIOs at the Metis Strategy Digital […]
  • The state of ethnic minorities in U.S. tech: 2020 September 21, 2020
    A survey of people of color shows a mix of good and bad news on racial inequality, and a disturbing lower concern within Silicon Valley and by executives compared to IT at large.
  • 7 ways to gain control over cloud spend September 21, 2020
    Enterprises worldwide spent a record $34.6 billion on cloud services in 2020's second quarter, up roughly 11 percent from the previous quarter and 30 percent from the same period last year, according to research firm Canalys.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • DreamWorks keeps production on track with AIOps September 21, 2020
    DreamWorks Animation is in many ways a manufacturer of digital data. The films it produces comprise multiple terabytes of data, created by teams of artists working together with sophisticated digital animation tools in a complex data pipeline. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and that animation factory floor had to close, DreamWorks production was able to […]