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  • BrandPost: Reimagining the Office Environment for Hybrid Work May 7, 2021
    While technology and fashion has changed, the “open” office design from 50 years ago looks remarkably similar to today’s workspaces By: Alan Ni, Sr. Director of Edge Marketing at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Despite the growing prevalence of technology in the office and its profound influence on work during the past 40 to […]
  • BrandPost: Leading and Adapting in Uncertain Times: A Hypothesis-Driven Approach May 7, 2021
    We used to be able to devise a three-year plan and expect to stick to it. Those days are gone. Now, a three-month plan may be too long, if we’re not staying on the lookout for ways to pivot. To meet their demands for agility and results, leadership teams need to move to a hypothesis-driven approach, […]
  • BrandPost: How to Establish Customer Value Definition, Before Funds are Committed May 7, 2021
    An executive for a Fortune 100 company recently asked me a question that seemed fairly simple: "How do I prove customer value?” The executive recounted how they make decisions to fund initiatives that they are told customers will value, but they don’t really know what value customers actually receive.This is a problem, because we only achieve […]
  • BrandPost: Project Alvarium and The Rise of Data Confidence May 7, 2021
    Two months ago, Dell Technologies, Intel, and IOTA introduced an industry first: a dashboard displaying rising confidence scores as data traversed the edge: from sensor to gateway to core to cloud. Over a thousand attendees attended the webinar, making one point crystal clear: edge data is (currently) difficult to trust.The webinar was part of recent […]
  • The dirty secret of data analytics: Culture of honest inquiry required May 7, 2021
    In the beginning there should have been a culture of honest inquiry.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: Ensono Is Helping the World’s Most Successful Companies Implement a Modernization Strategy That Harnesses the Cloud May 6, 2021
    It’s not lost on Andri Sianipar that some of the mainframe systems Ensono associates support and modernize are older than the developers working on them.We spoke recently with Sianipar, Vice President of Infrastructure Line of Business at Ensono, to learn more about the company’s work serving some of the world’s most successful organizations in their […]
  • BrandPost: Cloud Migration in Context: Why CIOs Should Leverage Visualization May 6, 2021
    CIOs have a unique opportunity to help their organizations unlock the potential of fully utilizing technology. Often, cloud migrations are viewed as a step needed to replace technology rather than an opportunity to uplevel the organization. The cloud’s benefits are well known–but we usually don’t talk about the sweeping transformations a cloud migration brings to […]
  • Healthcare CIOs fear (and fend off) ransomware threats amid pandemic May 6, 2021
    Mt. San Rafael Hospital thwarted a ransomware attack on one of its sister facilities earlier this year before anything could be compromised. The organization is still working through the details of the hack, says CIO Michael Archuleta, whose hospital is part of the BridgeCare Health Network, which includes five hospitals in Colorado.To read this article […]
  • Synchrony banks on pandemic shift to boost business agility May 6, 2021
    Modern IT organizations are nimble, capable of adapting foundational tools and processes under duress. Synchrony, which processes payments  on behalf of businesses, deployed virtualization technology and cloud software, as well as multifactor authentication and other security technologies, to get more than 16,000 employees working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.To read this article in full, please […]
  • BrandPost: ‘Intelligent Industries’ to Meet the Demands of a New Reality May 5, 2021
    The pandemic has been a significant catalyst for driving digital transformation and adopting intelligent technologies that enable enterprises to improve their speed, agility, and efficiency. In fact, by 2025, it is estimated that 97% of global enterprises will have implemented digital transformation through intelligent upgrades, according to Huawei's Global Industry Vision (GIV) 2025 predictions.Drawing from […]